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Newly launched Real Developer Finance Panel by TrustedLand

Land deals do not happen without the capital to secure, add value and proceed. Ensuring our Real Developers have easy access to established, relevant finance professionals that can readily turnaround terms and solutions has become increasingly apparent. TrustedLand is pleased to announce the launch of the official Finance Panel Partner programme, commencing with three vetted finance advisories specialising in structured development finance.

The three firms, selected from a shortlist of nine advisories, showed their professionalism, understanding and commitment to SME development projects throughout the review period. Aureum Finance, Hallcroft Finance and Pure Structured Finance make up the launch panel, which will exclusively cover TrustedLand’s London and South-east land activity for 2022.

Each firm will be given the opportunity to co-host episodes of the new Real Developer podcast, launched in May 2022, and deliver finance market perspective at the monthly Developers Boardroom lunch meetings.

Aureum Finance’s Elise Taylor alongside triple award-winning Real Developer, Steve Britnell of Revere Homes

Each firm had to demonstrate ability and track record in facilitating strong senior, mezz and bridging debt, as well as the all-important equity, all alongside a shared ethos for trust and transparency. Interview questions into key lender and available equity sources were carried out across several review meetings over three months, to ensure a cross-section of key strengths in the final selection.

Accredited Real Developers will now have the benefit of prompt response and familiarity of experience, leveraging the track record, business and brand information gathered at the application to help the finance brokerages package and progress finance requirements. The panel will be referred to land and development deals according to their recent track record, to ensure accredited firms are matched to project type, geography and debt values as much as possible.

TrustedLand founder, Alex Harrington-Griffin, shared his excitement at the launch of the new panel this week:

‘Knowing our Real Developers have access to the associated finance partners now, who well and truly understand what makes a Real Developer, is massively exciting for everyone involved. Seeing the strength of both debt and equity arranged by the selected panel, gives us even greater confidence that our accredited buyers can complete.

Being able to leverage the panel’s experience to inform Real Developers, and guide TrustedLand, means the platforms jumps up a few points in terms of capability to deliver the best land buyers in the SME market for residential development.’



Dean Brown of Aureum Finance at the 2021 TrustedLand Awards as Official Sponsors

Milton Keynes based Aureum Finance, who had previously sponsored both TrustedLand charity events and the second annual TrustedLand Awards in 2021, have established an excellent reputation in the market since launching in 2018. Founded by Dean Brown, a former Senior team member of lenders such as Close Brothers, Alpha and Peritus, the firm of six people has proven its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions, including access to an exclusive multi-million pound equity partnership and links into green-finance solutions. MD Dean featured on the first Real Developer podcast pilot as cohost back in December 2021 with Revere Homes.

Recent Funding Deals:

  • 30 houses in Cambs, GDV of £22m, arranged senior debt at 65% LTV and equity;
  • 44 Bungalows in Essex, GDV of £26m, arranged senior debt at 65% LTV;
  • 17 apartments in Bristol, GDV of £3m, arranged refinance at 75% LTV



Phone: 01908 414 235


Pure Finance
Pure Structured Finance team in their London office

London based Pure Structured Finance, born out of parent company Pure Group by Senior Director Tom Lee in 2019, has proven itself in a short period time to be well-connected, entrepreneurial and impressive in their track record, leveraging experience from Barclays, Voltaire and Fiduciam. Fellow Directors, Andrew Hosford and Harry Hodell, made a big impact on TrustedLand team, demonstrating wide coverage of the finance market, as well as geographies, with recent finance solutions in London, South east, South west, North west and North east, and GDV’s from £5.2m to £69.3m.

Recent Funding Deals:

  • 10 Apartments in London, with GDV of £5.2m, arranged equity of £840k;
  • 16 Eco apartments in South east, with GDV of £8.6m, arranged senior debt at 70% LTV;
  • 5 Houses in London, GDV of £69.3m; arranged equity of £14m



Phone: 0208 0579 178


The senior Hallcroft Finance team at their London office

Watching Hallcroft’s brand and business develop over the past few years has been very inspiring, with Founder Adrian Cormican and Director Martyn Pollock delivering strong, confident financing webinars to the marketplace, exercising previous leadership roles within Octupus and Clydesdale. Our interviews with the team proved wide access to the market, and also strength in their own internal Mezzanine and Equity solutions, available to existing clients. Ian Stockdale makes up the three core Senior team, stemming from time with Clydesdale Bank and Danske Bank, with the three supported by a Board including Raymond Sykes and Douglas Noble.

Recent Funding Deals:

  • 15 Houses in London, GDV of £18m; arranged Senior debt and Equity;
  • Retirement scheme in South East, GDV of £28m, arranged complex Senior debt;
  • Apartment conversion in South-east, with GDV of £10m, arranged Senior and Mezz debt



Phone: 0207 0960902


The approved Finance Panel is available for immediate referral to all Real Developers, and to external parties subject to basic review. Of course, TrustedLand would encourage all credible developers to reach out to the firms with their projects, with the added assurance that they have been interviewed and vetted for the genuine ability and approach to providing SME debt solutions. The ethos of strong professionalism carries through into all approved professionals working in alongside the Real Developers.