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What do you
need to be a
Real Developer?

Every year, up to 100 Real Developers are recognised for their track record, business and brand achievements. This sets them apart, proves credibility, and celebrates success.


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Three key areas that make up a
Real Developer

Meeting the criteria of all three of the below would provide a technical qualification to Real Developer 2023.

All information must be verified by the Programme Director, and a brief interview may be required to clarify.

Track Record

The most important of all, Real Developers must have completed an exit of at least 2 separate development projects in the past 5 years, in the relevant region they are applying for, I.e. Greater London, South-east or East Midlands for example.

These projects must have been for at least 2 new build units, or 4 refurbished units. For single, larger homes, a minimum of 2,500 square feet must have been delivered in each project.

Projects from previous companies or employed roles DO NOT count toward your projects for Real Developer. All projects must have been delivered under the firm that is applying, and ideally be featured on your own website or previous date stamped social media posts.

Real Developer also refer to planning, new homes portals and the Land Registry for further evidence where required.

Business & Team
The applicant business must be formally registered with Companies House for at least 2 years at an address which matches the company website or collateral.

A Director of the business must be named and attached to the business via the applicant’s website or a social media platform, ideally LinkedIn.

New businesses claiming experience from previous companies cannot be approved, as the business and working dynamic of a new business and team always take time to form and cement, regardless of previous projects with other companies.

One of the Senior team must have relevant proven development experience, from example, if they have bought out an existing development business, or replaced the Director. Experience is considered as the track record experience listed above, and must be UK orientated.


Real Developers should be visible, accessible and committed to their business and its brand. That brand sits behind every deal and unit the Real Developer creates, and should have some existing presence and activity.

The company must therefore have:


  • An active website naming team and previous projects
  • Company email address (not free Gmail or Hotmail)
  • One active social media page with 10+ followers