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Real Developer. Win more deals.

Becoming an accredited Real Developer provides SME firms with the added credibility to make their approaches and bids stand out to convert more deals, alongside access to powerful benefits.

The Q2 intake reopens 25th August – Enquire Now

In Q2 2023, 48 SME firms
were accredited,
promoted and referred

Powered by market leading land software company, LandTech, and led by Programme Director, Alex Harrington-Griffin, Real Developer gives experienced SME developers a wholly unique opportunity to standout in a busy land market, adding assurance and credibility to introductions, negotiations, bids and referrals.

Firms meeting the required criteria are given access to tools, collateral, people, land, and advice reserved only for Real Developers. The benefits of accreditation are broken down into three key focuses.

Three REAL benefits of
becoming a Real Developer

For £995 + Vat per year, we give experienced, genuine SME property developers advanatges in key four areas.

See and win more deals

With no barriers to entry, any developer can bid against you – give your stakeholder confidence in your ability above others to get great deals done. 

From hoarding to email signature, bids to equity proposals, each year up a select number of Real Developers are given a unique advantage in winning more deals over the competition.

Real Developers also takes recognised firms out to hundreds in the land market each quarter, placing precise requirements, track record and contact details into the Quarterly Land Requirements Index for each region.

Access exclusive privileged spaces and intelligence

Real Developers are given the opportunity to extend their profile, access strategic relationships and enhance their business tactics through a range of strategic priveleges.

From regional peer build cost reports each quarter, to guest placement on expert webinar panels and the Real Developer podcast, approved firms are provided with real advantages.

Private agent and sourcer networking events help start and advance relationships with some of the most active land representatives in each region.

Leverage powerful partners and benefits


Covering build materials to marketing services, letter sending credit to agent networking platforms, Real Developers are granted access to high value and rewarding partner benefits, including:                                   

10-25% exclusive reduced rates on Lawsons builder merchants, covering steel, timber and glass – everything you need to build an entire home, with access to 37 branches and 150+ vehicles.

 100 included letter sends from LandTech per quarter for Unlimited LandInsight users, plus free access pass for all to the LandTech Community hub, featuring Land Deals, together worth nearly £1,000.



The new 2023 programme opens on 25th August 2023

Key materials and promotional
avenues for Real Developers

Real Developer Icon & Certification. For your personal use and collateral.

Quarterly Land Requirements Guide. Sent to hundreds of Land Contacts and downloaded hundreds of times per quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

-The 2023 programme costs £995 + Vat for 12 months, less than £83 per month. 

What is the criteria?

At minimum, approved firms have to have completed two full planning or exit, or development projects in the past 5 years in Greater London and the South. Firms must have an active website and branded email address, as well as established social media presence on one channel. Company directors must be publicly linkedin to the business.

Can any size or type of firm apply?

For H1 of 2023, Real Developer will focus on residential developers only, developing up to 2,500 units per year and focused in Greater London and the South of England.

What is the 2023 application deadline?

The Q2 2023 accreditation intake will open on 30th May 2023 and close 22nd June 2023.

Will I be guaranteed land or investment from Real Developer?

As organisers, our role is to make sure Real Developers are as visible and known as possible, celebrating their recognition, however we never guarantee any minimum level of new development deals. Results are largely linked to participation, presence and engagement, so active firms are more likely to see opportunity during their accreditation.

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