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Minimum Standard for 

Real Developers accreditation

What is expected at minimum of a

Real Developer

Real Developers, their Directors and employees must at all times:

  • Act and conduct their business in a way that is congruent with and in the spirit of Real Developer, demonstrating integrity, professionalism and fairness


  • Demonstrate the highest levels of honesty in their interactions with others, and act in apositive and non-discriminatory way


  • Agree to provide accurate, genuine information when submitting applications or updated records to Real Developer, and use best efforts to accurately submit dates, addresses and project status


  • Inform Real Developer and it’s organisers of any fundamental changes to the business structure, registration, team or previous projects that may nullify the company’s accreditation qualification information, such as a change of directorship or ownership.


  • Maintain up to date company records for the accredited company, or Parent company, even if trading under an alias or alternative brand with Companies House


  • Comply with relevant UK legislation on personal data protection


  • If terminated or electing to end Real Developer status, to immediately remove all public and private reference and display to a previous accreditation, regardless of year of accreditation


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